When pat was twenty-one old، he began to work in a small office in a city. At first he never travelled anywhere, but then he became a little more important, and he began to go to other cities for a few days to do some work there. Of course, he stayed in small hotels, when he was away from his home, but he did not know very much a bout living in hotels at first...

One evening when he was staying in a small hotel in Sheffield, he came back from the office and said to the clerk at desk in the hotel, 'Good evening. Did any letters come for me today, please?'
The clerk was busy, but when he finished his work, he went to a big The clerk was busy, but when he finished his work, he went ti a big pile of letters and said, 'What name, please?'
'Well,"answered Pat, 'the name will be on the letters.

وقتـی پـت بـيست و يـک سـالـه بـود در شهـری در يـک اداره كـوچـک شـروع بـه كـار كـرد. در ابتـدا بـه هـيچ جـا سـفر نـمی كـرد امـا بـعد پـست مـهمتری گـرفـت و چـند روزی بـود كـه بـه شـهرهـای ديـگر مـی رفـت تـا كـارهـايـی انـجام دهـد. الـبته وقـتی از خـانـه اش دور بود در هتـلهای كـوچـک اقـامـت مـی كـرد، امـا بعـد در آغـاز چيـز خيـلی زيـادی راجـع زنـدگـی دربـاره هـتلها نـمی دانسـت.
يـک شـب وقـتی در هتـل كـوچـكی در شفـيلد اقـامـت داشـت، از اداره بـرگشـت و بـه مـنشی پـشت مـيز هـتل گفـت: شـب بـخير. امـروز نـامه ای بـرای مـن نـيامـده؟
منشـی مشغـول كـار بـود امـا وقـتی كـارش تـمام شـد، بـه سـراغ بـسته بـزرگـی از نـامـه هـا رفـت و گفـت: بـه چـه اسـمی؟
پـت جـواب داد: خـوب، اسـم روی نـامه هسـت ديـگه.

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